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Children's health physical examination


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XRAY to attend the seventy-first session of the Chinese international medical Expo

Date:2014.04 Label:Latest News Source:Administrator

The seventy-first session of the China international medical Expo opened in Shenzhen recently, the same with the previous exposition, CMEF continued to "innovation and technology, intelligence led health" as the theme, bring to the forefront of medical industry policy, product technology and international market information.
Shenzhen XRAY Electric Co., Ltd. of dressage debut, with the latest health examination scheme, share XRAY technology and experience and user. Exhibits of XRAY has: 9 meters, 10.6 meters of single DR medical car body digital film medical car, 12 meters radiography examination car, dual - energy X - ray absorptiometry, MHIS system (mobile wisdom medical record platform). XRAY this exhibition fully demonstrated its strong R & D strength and brand influence, many viewers have said, every time I see XRAY booth at CMEF, there will be harvested, the exhibition, the most of our customers praise is the MHIS system, the MHIS system is a set of equipment automatic control, intelligent information data automatic enrollment, management software and it simplifies the interaction between included routine physical examination, image information, image information and ECG information of all room data, report, this product first, it has won numerous customers, and have expressed the intention.
XRAY said the company leaders, CMEF is a great opportunity to communicate with medical experts and medical customers, XRAY is also a good opportunity to show the product and brand, hope that through this exposition, let our innovation and technology services for more customers.



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