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Warmly celebrate Jiangsu Nanjing Acre 2014 dual energy X-ray bone density instrument seminar was hel

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In February 27, 2014, acri -2014 Jiangsu Nanjing AKDX-09W dual energy X-ray bone density instrument product promotion will be held in the East China military area hotel. More than 50 Hospital Department of orthopedics experts to participate in the seminar.
During the meeting, XRAY general manager Mr. Shi Jisheng told delegates to welcome the arrival of the participants, to express my sincere thanks. At the same time, to do a detailed introduction of company to the technical characteristics of Icaria strong qualifications strength, professional safety as the focus. On the meeting, Icaria marketing manager Mr. Chen made a speech on the history of AKDX-09W bone density instrument. Mr. Shi Chen with rich professional knowledge and passion of the delegates speech and answer questions to win the scene applause. Through his speech, the participants with the knowledge and understanding of the system of AKDX-09W bone density instrument. In order to let the delegates more personal feeling using the AKDX-09W bone density instrument, the meeting is arranged in the detection zone, delegates have participated, and the AKDX-09W is less than 5 seconds of detection time and high-resolution scanning image, accurate positioning features gave high evaluation and ten sufficient affirmation, have shown a passion for the height of the subscription of new products.
The seminar was held successfully, improve bone density instrument AKDX-09W dual energy X-ray brand image, but also to expand the visibility of the company, XRAY new products successfully entered the domestic market opened a prelude.

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