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"Small" companies make big world

Date:2014.10 Label:Latest News Source:Administrator

The Dragon booster Icaria achievement examination - car carrier
In May 14, 2014, the 2014 Beijing International Road Transport Exhibition opening, in the National Conference Center on the afternoon of the same day, the domestic passenger car leader Jinlong held a new promotion and new energy vehicle development seminar in Beijing, more than 200 bus experts attended the meeting, Ai Kerui Shenzhen City Electric Co., Ltd. as Jinlong special vehicle exclusive authorized dealers, chairman of Mr. Shi Jisheng also invited to participate in the meeting.
Shenzhen aikerui Electric Co., Ltd as the medical car industry leader, has been with the Xiamen Jinlong companies to maintain a good strategic partnership, is committed to promoting the healthy development of the industry, standardized accelerated examination vehicle industry, in 2013 was awarded the special vehicles Jinlong Company exclusive authorized dealers, and achieved high sales performance. This meeting, the chairman of Mr. Shi Jisheng Xiamen Jinlong company hires Icaria company as the "Golden Dragon Bus Company products sales consultants" special adviser, is also the medical car industry the first person.
Jinlong Company's activities, from a certain extent reflected Ai Kerui in promoting the medical car professional development achievements, Ai Kerui company will continue to assume responsibility for medical examination car "four modernizations" burden, namely specialization, digital, networked, intelligent, build medical car carrier!

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