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Children's health physical examination

Children's health physical examination


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To establish the concept of health do regular physical examination
The expert points out, the time interval of regular physical examination differ from man to man:
1, the elderly and high risk population of 2~3 times the annual physical examination
2, the general adults (aged over 40) annual physical examination 2 times
3, young people every year 1 examination
Do not have to fast for 8 hours before the examination, eat little impact?
The examinee must be at least 8-10 hours before fasting, is mainly lets the gastric emptying of food, let the upper gastrointestinal from food retention effect of image. In addition, check forward feed detection of glucose, blood fat, liver function and abdominal ultrasonic project will also influence, therefore fasting is necessary.
Eat less, exercise more should be checked before, check the data will be more accurate?
Accept the health examination should be treated with common heart, before the examination, if deliberately diet increases the movement, the data but can not show the real condition of the body. But check before eating, eating a lot of fatty foods, may affect serum precipitation could not be detected, due attention should be paid to.
Good physical examination mentality should be what kind of?
Every year the regular physical examination, physical examination project decision before addition and subtraction according to a physical examination physical examination conclusion; please the doctor explained to consulting, medical alert attention but not overly tense; for further check is to actively cooperate with, such as a bad life style should be actively corrected, if there is disease need medication, then select the guidance of specialized subject doctor and follow-up; usually pay attention to increase the health science knowledge etc..
After physical examination report does not have to save, anyway, next year will do?
The physical examination report should be as health records well preserved, regular physical examination, to observe the trend of continuous meaningful. A few years ago, your health will not remember very clearly, a report in, will stick out a mile. When necessary, ask the doctor to reference. For example, the ECG is similar to old myocardial infarction, you are not too severe precordial pain and other symptoms, the end Is it right?? Take the original ECG for comparison on the line.

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