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The healthy check-up five taboos!

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Health examination, is one of the effective means to prevent disease. By health examination, can understand their own health, found some difficult to detect the disease early, for timely intervention, the termination of the occurrence and development of disease, have a multiplier effect. But there are many subjects because of some of the key links of medical attention is not enough, or the deviation of understanding, there are all sorts of omission, the examination is difficult to achieve the purpose of.
A sampling time is too late
Medical laboratory requires the morning fasting blood 7:30 ~ 8:30, the latest not more than 9:00. So party because effects of physiological endocrine hormone inside body, make blood sugar value distortion (still as fasting). So the subject should blood, do not easily mistaken.
Two avoid examination before rushed withdrawal
Blood sampling requirement is hollow, but for patients with chronic disease should be treated differently. Such as hypertension patients daily morning antihypertensive drugs, is to maintain stable blood pressure must be rashly, stop drug or delayed blood pressure medication can cause swells, danger. According to conventional medication after the measurement of blood pressure, physical examination the doctor also can evaluate the current step-down scheme. Effects of antihypertensive drugs on laboratory to serve a small amount is minor, negligible. Therefore, patients with hypertension should be served antihypertensive drugs again after examination. For diabetes or other chronic disease patients, should also be timely in the medication after blood collection, not interference routine treatment for medical examination.
Three bogey free to abandon the inspection items
Examination table set in the inspection items, both reflect the basic project of physical health, including some for malignant diseases and common diseases special inspection items. Some examination of early disease found to have special meaning. If the DRE check, is particularly important for forty years old of above subjects rectal tumor found. Some subjects for fear of trouble or shy, automatically give up the examination, if the subject really lesion, nature will lose the best opportunity for treatment, the consequences are self-evident.
Avoid ignoring important history
History, especially the important disease history, is an important reference for medical doctors to determine the health status of the subjects, thus making intervention measures, has the extremely important influence to the prognosis of the disease. Some subjects stuck to a "test" a medical doctor level of mental disease, that can only rely on check out, cannot rely on to say. But it is often the result of get the opposite of what one wants. For example, in the treatment of patients with hypertension guide before, must make clear its hypertension incidence time, course of treatment, medication and other key issues, are proposed for further treatment advice, including the prescription dose, adjust medication varieties, in order to achieve the best therapeutic effect. If the subject can not remember the name of the medication, can put the box brought recognition. The history should strive to be objective, accurate, important diseases can not be omitted.
Avoid belittling the physical examination conclusion
Physical examination conclusion, is the health status of the subjects of the summary and the summary, is a doctor are charged according to the examination results, health prescription after a comprehensive analysis of the subject to open, to correct the bad habits of life, has the important guiding significance for prevention and treatment of diseases. Some subjects pay more attention to the examination process, ignore the physical examination conclusion, did not read carefully and conscientiously implement the health examination, meaningless.

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