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Fatty liver, why would get fat?
Fatty liver is not an independent disease, is caused by various reasons of hepatic fat accumulation in pathological phenomenon much.
1, long-term drinking alcohol is the first killer of liver injury.
2, nutritional excess long-term excessive intake of animal fat, vegetable oil, protein and carbohydrate.
3, malnutrition, obesity prone to fatty liver, but not that lean people will not get fatty liver.
4, hepatitis, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, severe anemia and other chronic diseases patients with diabetes due to insulin ratio, their occurrence of fatty liver than those without diabetes and 2 times more.
In 5, drug-induced liver injury of drug-induced liver damage accounted for adult hepatitis 1/10, fatty liver is a common type of. Hundreds of ten kinds of drugs and fatty liver, such as tetracycline, acetyl salicin, glucocorticoid, estrogen synthesis, amiodarone, nifedipine, some antitumor drugs and cholesterol lowering drugs, can lead to the accumulation of fat in the liver.
6, high quality high blood cholesterol and fatty liver are closely related, with high TG (triglyceride) in most closely, most often associated with obesity, diabetes and alcoholism. In addition, some industrial poisons, such as phosphorus, arsenic, lead, copper, mercury, benzene, four carbon dioxide can also lead to fatty liver. Pregnancy, genetic or spiritual, psychological and social factors, such as sitting, less activity, lazy life also has relationship with fatty liver.
Diet therapy:
Diet therapy is the most basic method of fatty liver patients, is also an important measure to prevent and control the progression of fatty liver disease. As everyone knows, the heat source for protein, fat and carbohydrates, the requirement and the age, gender and type of work and other factors. Excessive energy intake can make people gain weight, fat synthesis increased, so as to accelerate liver cell fatty degeneration. Therefore, should develop and adhere to a reasonable diet system, lean meat, fish, egg white and fresh vegetables are rich in dietary lipophilic substances, helps to promote the regression of fatty liver, high fiber foods help to increase satiety and control of blood glucose and blood lipid, which due to excess nutrients caused by fatty liver is particularly important.
High fiber foods are corn bran, coarse flour, brown rice, beans, mushrooms, nuts, seaweed, edible fungus, pear, konjac etc.. At the same time, should pay full attention to reasonable water, generally, adult daily drinking water is 2000ml, 1500ml in the elderly, obese due to the body moisture less than normal 15% ~ 20%, the daily water intake to 2200ml ~ 2700ml, average every 3 hours of ingestion of 300ml ~ 500ml; the best choice of drinking water is white boiling water, mineral water, purification of water and light tea, must not be a variety of beverages, milk, Coffee instead of drinking water. If it is the nutritional excess fatty liver, 20 minutes before drinking water, so the stomach has a certain sense of fullness, reduce appetite, reduce food intake, help to lose weight. Fatty liver people should pay attention to three major nutrition reasonable collocation, that is, to increase protein intake, pay more attention to the quality and quantity of fat, carbohydrate diet should be moderate, restriction of monosaccharides and disaccharides. What need reminds is, fatty liver should be in the low fat diet is appropriate, and to the vegetable fat, eat as much as possible a number of monounsaturated fatty acids (such as olive oil, camellia oil Rapeseed Oil, etc.), try to eat less saturated fatty acids (such as lard, butter, suet, butter, cream etc.), also should limit the intake of cholesterol, such as animal offal, brain, egg yolk, fish eggs, squid etc.. In the aspect of carbohydrate intake, should eat some low carbohydrate diet, can not eat foods rich in mono - and disaccharides such as cakes, ice cream, sugar, dried date and candy. Fatty liver people should also resolutely get rid of the bad eating habits, the implementation of regular three meals a day. The long-term drinking can cause fatty liver, should firmly stop drinking. At the same time, seasoning excess feeding, eat snacks, night eating, food and excessive pursuit of high grade high calorie dense foods can cause excessive accumulation of body fat, therefore, should try to avoid. The law is not diet, such as often do not eat breakfast, full day or three inequality can disrupt the dynamic metabolic body, provide the condition for the onset of obesity and fatty liver. Research has shown that, in a day of energy intake under the same conditions, fixed in the evening to eat too much way than the regular 3 times more likely to get fat eating. In addition, eating too fast is not easy to produce satiety, easily because of excessive energy intake promote obesity.
Exercise therapy:
1, the type of sports:
Fatty liver people choose mainly the dynamic motion of systemic low intensity to exercise the body strength and endurance as the goal, also is often said, aerobic exercise, such as jogging, fast walking (115 to 125 steps / min), riding a bicycle, walking up and down the stairs, climbing, playing badminton, shuttlecock, shoot the ball, dance, do broadcast gymnastics, rope skipping and swimming, this kind of exercise on fatty liver people lipid-lowering diet, promote better regression in fatty liver effect.
2, exercise intensity:
Fatty liver should according to the motion after exertion level and heart rate (pulse) to choose the appropriate amount of exercise, to exercise when the pulse is 100 to 160 times per minute (to 170 minus the actual age), lasts twenty or thirty minutes, after exercise fatigue in disappeared within ten or twenty minutes is appropriate. Also somebody thinks, the size of the amount of exercise to achieve rapid breathing, sweating slightly after exercise for a period of time is appropriate.
3, the implementation of the time zone and the frequency of motion:
According to the study, sport and exercise the same

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