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The most serious unbalanced diet, exercise and fewer problems
Life habits and health. Statistical data shows, in bad life habits, the most serious problem for men was a balanced diet, intake of fruit and vegetables, grains, dairy, roots are insufficient, while the fat intake is too much, every 10 people have 8 people don't eat a balanced diet. The most serious problem for women's lack of exercise, every 10 people have 8 people lack of exercise. In view of this, we must first correct the bad habit of diet and exercise to start. Ten warning is closely related to health and the ten leading cause of death in large list
Over the years the physical examination data shows: health alerts list than overweight, dyslipidemia, hypertension, fatty liver, abnormal liver function, uric acid higher ranking order, and abnormal annual rate may change slightly, but the total can not escape this several projects, analysis to go or the several old trouble. It is precisely because of these anomalies are closely related, and the ten leading cause of death in the project of human so, warning ranking in recent years unchanged, the ten leading cause of death will follow unvarying from year to year. In fact, most of these abnormal items and lack of exercise, diet, smoking, drinking and so not all bad life habits, but many people prefer to rely on medicine and doctors, is also not willing to change habits. For example, in terms of weight. Only about 5% of the people are willing to adjust the diet and living habits to reduce weight. So you should really difficult people spontaneously change. In fact, medical experts repeatedly called for: 50% of human death is caused by bad living habits, if they are not trying to improve, even if there is again good medicine, the doctor also incapable of action.
20 health killer.
The 20 killer is based on a large number of data obtained by health examination. Control, whether you in where?
1, obesity, hypertension; 2; 3, diabetes, high blood sugar; 4; 5, osteoporosis; 6, hepatitis, anemia; 7; 8, fatty liver; 9, high uric acid and ventilation; 10, cervical lesions; 11, peptic ulcer, arthritis; 12; 13, backache; 14, gallstones; 15, thyroid disease, renal disease; 16; 17, 18, hemorrhoids; urinary calculi; 19, asthma; 20, breast lesions.
Winter drink Black Tea can Yangwei
Many like to drink light Green Tea person would want to try the taste of thick Black Tea, feel the taste of it too bitter, it seems less tea light feeling. But the doctor reminds, winter or Black Tea good drink. The expert expresses, Black Tea is fully fermented tea, taste is heavy is its characteristic, also its benefits, especially suitable for winter consumption.
The same is Black Tea tea polyphenols, compared with Green Tea what characteristics? Expert analysis thinks, drinking when not eating Green Tea feel stomach discomfort, which is important because -- tea polyphenol substances contained in tea have convergence, there are certain stimulation to the stomach, stimulate stronger in the case of an empty stomach. And Black Tea is not the same. It is fermented baked into the tea polyphenol oxidase, in under the action of the enzymatic oxidation reaction, decrease, irritation to the stomach is reduced. In addition, the oxidation products of tea polyphenols can also promote the human body to digest, so Black Tea not only won't hurt a stomach, but can yangwei. Often drink with sugar, milk Black Tea Black Tea, can diminish inflammation, gastric mucosal protection, also have certain effect on the treatment of peptic ulcer. There are a lot of people Black Tea bitter in taste, color heavy taste not used. Experts say, Black Tea to be thin, mainly rely on tea consumption and water quantity to adjust. The average person put 3 - 5 grams of tea can taste, light person can put more less, ensure the tea and water ratio is 50:1. That is to say if you put 3 grams Black Tea, ought to use 150 ml water to brew. Black Tea and cup match, visual and taste the best effect, suggest you every cup of tea brew for 3 to 5 minutes. Doctors remind you, Black Tea cool is not suitable for drinking, because it might affect Nuanwei effect, but also because the stored for a long time and reduce nutrient content. The best use of global Black Tea mug, don't wait for the cup of water to drink as much as to supplement the best hot water, etc. water left about 1/3 for storage, so that the diluted tea, keep the tea temperature and suitable concentration, every cup of water 3 times Black Tea taste is the best.
Health daily health five "can't wait"
Can't wait for thirsty to drink water: water is to maintain the life activities of the human body and preventing the normal operation of the most important physical fitness. Inadequate water intake, not only Jingshenbuzhen, mouth parched and tongue scorched, powerless, and liver and kidney function decline, toxic substances savings, the disease will take advantage of a weak point. Thirsty, suggesting that water shortage in the body has been quite serious
Can't wait for disease to physical examination: every year regularly to the hospital to do a comprehensive physical examination is one of the important measures of prevention and health care for the elderly. Many not easy to perceive the pain of the disease, such as the early stage of pulmonary tuberculosis, hepatitis, hypertension, heart disease, cancer can be detected early, on physical examination and timely treatment, the effect of it.
Can't wait to toilet: toilet is human waste, purify the important way of the in vivo environment. Constipation is harmful toxins in the intestinal, lies in the time is too long, easy - absorption into the body and a poison. How to cultivate a good habit of daily regular, meaning even if no, also want to squat, to form a conditioned reflex. As for the urine, the best ranked first hour, in order to reduce the harmful substances in the urine of bladder stimulation, so as to prevent the occurrence of bladder cancer.
Can't wait to sleep sleepy: many people trapped without sleep, said

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