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DR demand is expected to explosive growth in basic hospital

Date:2014.10 Label:Latest News  Source:Administrator

Recently, China Medical Equipment Association in the sixty-seventh session held in Shenzhen China International Medical Equipment Fair (spring) "direct digital X-ray imaging system (DR) released the latest data market status and development trend of the future forum" on display: 2007~2011 years, China's DR equipment retains the quantity by 1780 increased to 8968, with an average annual the compound growth rate of 50.4%; China's DR equipment years sales by 720 to 3294, with an average annual compound growth rate of 42.8%. It seems that in Beijing Hospital of Ministry of health equipment department Cai Kui, the next few years, China's DR market growth rate may be far higher than this level, especially the grassroots medical market has great potential, it is worth concern for enterprises.
Sales: volume or price reduction
Since the 90's, the concept of digital medical treatment is introduced China decade last century, digital medical imaging equipment A new force suddenly rises. Among them, the computer X-ray imaging system (CR), DR as the digital flat panel x-ray imaging device mainly, is widely used in medical institutions in the domestic part. To help the production and operation of enterprises understand the configuration status of DR equipment and the market demand of our medical institutions, medical equipment China Association in the investigation of China's DR equipment market, the formation of "2011 analysis of direct digital radiography system market development".
Chinese Medical Equipment Association fees Shu told reporters, 2007~2011 years, China's DR system years sales by 720 to 3294, with an average annual compound growth rate of 42.8%. Among them, sales in 2011 compared with an increase of 36.6%, sales showed rapid upward trend.
2006~2011 years, China's DR equipment market sales increased from 1151000000 yuan to 2923000000 yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of 19.6%. Among them, in 2007 the growth rate of 24.76%, 18.66% in 2008, 12.44% in 2009, 23.07% in 2010, has maintained a relatively high level of growth.
Compared to the rapid growth of DR equipment sales, the price of DR decreases. Investigation shows that, since 2007, the average price of DR equipment plane digital matrix detectors in China from each of 2540000 yuan down to 1130000 yuan in 2011; the average price of electrical coupling DR image sensor device is composed of each 1500000 yuan fell to less than 600000 yuan. The main reason is the intense competition in DR market, domestic brands with continuously improve product quality, with higher competitive prices, forcing prices higher DR equipment manufacturers have cut prices, to ensure that its market share.
Configuration: every 0.61 county hospitals in Taiwan
"In 2011, the average price of domestic DR equipment has been less than half of the 2007, the decline in prices, making the medical institutions more conditional configuration of DR system." Fei Shu tells a reporter, 2011, the national average each county hospital has 0.61 DR equipment. Among them, area county hospital in East China the average allocation level of the highest in the country, average every county hospital has 0.92; followed by the North China area, average every county hospital has 0.78; the average allocation in Southern China and southwest area less, respectively 0.36 and 0.38.
Brand: import monopoly broken bureau
Since 2007, by the Chinese DR market steady and rapid growth, expanding market capacity to stimulate, domestic, foreign DR system production enterprises have a positive response to the strategic adjustment -- foreign brands, also send force in expanding the product line, the origin of localization, reduce the cost, acquisition, joint venture, cooperation, the formation of domestic DR As one falls; equipment enterprises have also launched a certain competitiveness of products.
Analysis of industry experts said, Chinese DR market after nearly ten years of development, has been from the original import brand monopoly gradually developed into the current domestic, foreign brands fierce competition pattern.
According to statistics, in 2011, annual sales of imported DR system row in the forefront of the still is the brand, which Philips, Siemens each accounted for 12% of the share, general medical, rayco respectively reached more than 10%. Most of these manufacturers products occupy the National more than 1500000 yuan DR system market share, its products are mainly located in the three grade hospital. Domestic equipment is dominant in the basic level medical institutions, mainly in Wandong, Zhongke Mellon, MINDRAY, Neusoft, blue Yun, Shanghai medical instruments factory and other brands, including wandongyiliao with 8% of the market share of more than some imported brands.
It is reported, on 2011, in the eastern region of China in some township health centers in the configuration of the DR system. By purchasing amount limitation, partial hospitals selected domestic brands.
Cai Kui said, at present, our country most broad patient population concentrated in grassroots medical institutions. Since the majority of township hospitals have not configure DR device, this segment of the market will become the main battlefield of various manufacturers compete, stable performance, low price of mid-range huge demand for DR system.
According to the analysis Chinese Medical Equipment Association experts, China at the county level or below level hospital quantity is huge, and this part of the hospital DR installed capacity is still at a low level; at the same time, the state allocation of heavily in the construction of basic medical and health service system, DR as the radiation image of commonly used examination means, its appear explosive growth in primary care the market. Expected 2012~2015 years, China's DR market year sales volume will increase by around 15%, from 3795 in 2012 increased to 5770 units in 2015 than. As DR prices will continue to decline, so the sales revenue growth rate of no sales growth speed so fast, is expected 2012~2015 years, DR equipment sales income will be increased from 3420000000 yuan to 5190000000 yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of 15%. DR equipment market retains the quantity increases with the increase in sales, at the same time there will be some equipment replacement and elimination, is expected 2012~2015 years, China's DR equipment quantity compound annual growth rate of around 21% in 201, i.e.

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