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Children's health physical examination

周易彩票Children's health physical examination


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         Founded in June 2002,Shenzhen XRAY Electric Co .,Ltd(abbreviated as “XRAY” in the industry), is unique and professional in R&D,manufacturing,marketing varieties of chamber X-ray machine and medical vehicles.XRAY owns more than ten thousand square meters place and 100 employees.With almost 15 years’ development,XRAY has become a well acknowledged brand and high-technology enterprise all over the country.

         Shenzhen XRAY Electric Co .Ltd, cooperating with famous vehicle manufacturers,has launched the first “original medical vehicle with integration of mechanical and vehicle” in China,which can meet varieties of requirements of physical examination. XRAY owns the pipeline of medical vehicle including chassis, welding, painting, assembling and test. Vehicle length range is between 6 to 12 meters.

周易彩票          Quality is the life of enterprise.XRAY is always seeking for high quality. All of our products have been awarded the ISO9000 and ISO13485 quality management system certification and certificate for China Compulsory Product Certification. By virtue of our high quality, competitive price, and considerate service,our products are very popular in our country market, especially in the army and border police, CDC, CIQ, etc.

         Along with development,XRAY build a possessional research team with high technology and full of innovation. We obtain technical patents to guarantee our superiority state in industry.

         With the faith of"professional come from dedication,and the concentration achieve future success",XRAY are devoted to provide the best physical examination scheme according to different demands. As a professional manufacturer of medical products, we are willing to make great contributions to the development and improvement of physical examination industry.We believe our products will go out of the country,and be well exported to overseas some day.


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