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Children's health physical examination


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    Our aim: high quality and efficiency, customer first

    Shenzhen XRAY Electric Co。, Ltd has established a set of efficient after sale service system, after the signing of the contract product sales, after sale service department will provide efficient, high quality service for the user。 Service content:

  • Provide installation and repair for you
  • Provide technical service, product consulting, on-site training for you
  • Ai Kerui products accessories for you
  • To provide the upgrade and update equipment replacement for you
 1  Product repair

1)The term
Ai Kerui's product warranty period of 12 months from the date of delivery.

2) The scope of warranty
a XRAY company products "Three Guarantees" in principle, "said user according to product requires the use of Ming book" normal use and storage conditions, the product can not be within one year from the date of delivery of the normal work, the company free for users repair or replacement of parts.

b This product must be according to the requirements of the contract, by the personnel to install and repair technology of the company projects, or quality problems do not belong to the scope of warranty.

c Such as the product is found damaged, should stop using the products sealed, and promptly notify our company customer service service department, people go to repair。 Indeed the quality problems, the company responsible for the solution。

d The user should press the company offers products product manual, not according to the instructions to use caused by the damage of components, does not belong to the scope of warranty.

e In the warranty period, without the consent of the company, installation or added other device in the company's products, quality problems caused by, do not belong to the scope of warranty.

周易彩票 f The installation is completed, please users will guarantee the preservation of good, and in accordance with the provisions of the warranty card receipt and send to the company, otherwise not warranty。

3) Response time

周易彩票 a Repair telephone response time of 2 hours to reply。

b Site response time, according to the distance, traffic is convenient, usually 8 hours to 48 hours of arrival。

c After sale service department engineers will do its best to arrive at the scene as soon as possible users of repair and treatment。

4) The "Three Guarantees" after the end of the period, to renew or other forms to after sale service.

 2  User training

1) User training is the users can master the correct operation of the machine, and give full play to the machine efficiency, ensure the normal operation of the machine. 

2) Site training users is composed of installation engineers installed on the user machine performance is introduced and method of operation the delivery of the first introduction in the installation and operation training, guide the user.

3) Training guide by Ai Kerui company engineer.

 3  Hotline service

1) Service content

a Answer the user in the use of Icaria company product in question.

b Guide users to remove the faulty product.

c Provide product upgrading project.

d Technical consultation。

2)24 - hour service hotline; 0755-89648605 89643050, mobile phone: 13632988901 (Mr. Tan)

3)If you are not satisfied with our service, you are welcome to call our service supervisory phone, to give valuable advice to us. Your satisfaction is our goal of advancing。
Service supervision hotline: 0755-89648613 13825257376 (Mr. Zhou)

 4  According to the needs of users, after sale service department will provide other products and services project:

1.Improvement of 1 medical car products.

2 according to the user needs to install or modify the acri company products.

3 Ai Kerui company X - ray products accessories.

Address: Longgang District Baolong Industrial City Baoqing Lu Huafeng Digital Technology Park VII plant TEL:0755-89648605, 89648610 Shenzhen XRAY Electric Co.,Ltd ICP No. 13068150-3 Design

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