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Children's health physical examination

Children's health physical examination


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周易彩票       XRAY as a leader in the medical device industry, always as the driving force for enterprise development by innovation. Personnel training and selection work is to be one's unshirkable responsibility of enterprises has become the engine. In XRAY, we ensure that every employee has a clear occupation development and growth schedule. Employees from joining, you can enjoy a comprehensive training and occupation career planning, the full realization of the individual value in the bigger development space in the. Companies invest a lot of resources from the pre job training, on-the-job training, management training and other multi angle for staff to provide ongoing training content, to help employees grow and improve, help them to be more competent in his work.

Staff training

1、The company gradually established and perfected by the "training course system, training instructor management system, training effectiveness evaluation and training management system" is composed of four parts of a complete training system.


2、Training by the internal training and external training combined。

(1)Internal training to build up a set of reasonable instructor management measures and incentive mechanism, enhance the professional skills of employees and comprehensive quality by different training;

(2)The introduction of outstanding external courses, delivery staff to participate in external publicity and training, the introduction of a selection of external training, select the appropriate training methods, promote the renewal of knowledge and ideological impact within the enterprise.


3、Occupation career planning:

(1)The company provides the broad development space for the employees, the company opened a management, technology, marketing three occupation development channel, and lay the foundation for the sustainable development of employees;

(2)Regularly organize outdoor activities, enhance team cohesion, improve the psychological quality of the staff;

周易彩票 (3)According to the occupation development planning staff, regularly organize relevant professional skills upgrading training.

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